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OlliOlli Review

Developed by Roll7 and Published by Curve Digital, OlliOlli is a throwback Hipster Skateboarding game that brings back memories of old classic eighties arcade games. OlliOlli first appeared back in January of 2014 on the PS Vita before making a successful port across to the Windows 8, Playstation 4, Wii U and Xbox One. If Tony Hawk was a two dimensional game it could quite possibly be OlliOlli, with the amazing tricks the game allows you to perform, it has all the hallmarks of becoming a classic game. There is no limit to the amount of sheer showboating you can do whilst attempting to fly through each level with finesse.

While playing OlliOlli, players can attempt to pull off some amazing big air tricks and grinds while racking up big score combos. You can replay every single level as many times as you like. OlliOlli is beautifully laid out in an arcade style theme with a hand picked retro sound which includes of all things, Jazz. Players have full control of the Skater at all times and the game is the ultimate in Skateboarding swagger. There is a large array of tricks from which to learn and master, coupled with an abundance of opportunities to grind bars and tables until your hearts content.

Steep steps are used to launch yourself into the air while proceeding to pull off a stunning mid air trick before swiftly landing onto a rail for a sweet grind and attempting to land the move perfectly to score massive points, it makes for an adrenaline pumping buzz and a ride you’d want to get back on over and over again.

There’s nothing like grinding down a digger

Set out across fifty levels. OlliOlli is a true test for any Skateboarding enthusiast. Using only a few buttons and the analog sticks to control your Skaterat, you have to complete the levels while also completing the challenges set across each one. Challenges range from gaining a high combo score to collecting objects. As well as the Fifty levels there are three different difficulties to master and in order to unlock each difficulty you must first earn all the challenges on every level below it. So if you manage to complete all challenges on the first stage you will unlock that stage on the next difficulty and so on.. The three difficulties are Amateur, Pro and the rather tricky Rad.

In total there are four different modes. Career, Daily Grind, Spot and RAD. Career is the level based mode, with Daily Grind you have one chance to nail a score and make it from the start of a level to the end, failure see’s your score diminished and you sent flying off the leaderboard. The whole idea is to string as many points together as possible while keeping your nerve as you jump over obstacles, a failure in Daily Grind see’s the player locked out until the challenge is reset for all players. Spot is a similar mode but its all about setting the highest score across different terrains, there is no lockout with Spot and you can retry as many times as you like.

I’ve always wanted to grind a London Bus

As I began learning the tricks that make up OlliOlli I’ll be honest and admit that I spent a fair amount of time facedown in the dirt, retying levels again and again but as I started to gain some understanding of how and when to go for the big trick or use the tricks to my advantage, it really did help my progression in the long run. Landing is a major key to succeeding in OlliOlli, you can rack up an amazing combo, only to fail at the landing and either end up with a poor score or with a busted nose and a trip to the hospital. The key to landing is all about timing, attempt to land too early and you’ll end up tarnishing your combo with a ‘Sloppy’ score but nail it perfectly and you’ll reap the full rewards of your work and have a rather large score to go with it.

Being a massive Tony Hawks fan it would be very easy to try to draw comparisons between the two games but in truth. OlliOlli has set a standard of it’s own, it’s not Tony Hawk, it’s not trying to be Tony Hawk it’s simply a pacey, masterful, thrill ride that will keep you entertained for hours on end. There really is no limit to the things you can do once you understand the trick mechanism and the soundtrack fits the game perfectly and adds to what is an already pretty amazing game. There are endless levels to navigate through and four modes that will keep you entertained for a long time. The game can be very challenging at times but there’s nothing like racking up an amazing combo and then showing it off to the world, it can make for a very big ego.

There is no limit to the things you can do!


Overall OlliOlli has for me reignited the Skateboarding world with all the flair and tenacity that should accompany such a game, despite being a two dimensional game, nothing can be taken away from what is a beautifully crafted and classy game that offers so much enjoyment and leaves you with very sore thumbs and fingers, but with a smile on your face. OlliOlli leaves it all out in the open and is pound for pound one of the best arcade games on the market right now. It challenges you and leaves you wanting to become better at it and at the end of the day, who doesn’t like a bit of extreme showboating.

Version tested: Xbox One



Overall Game Rating



  • 50 Wonderful Levels to Skate over
  • Great Soundtrack
  • Brilliant Tricklist


  • Difficulty of levels and achievements
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