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Tina’s Toy Factory Review

Tina’s Toy Factory is a matching game–think columns, on steroids, with the added benefit of a local multiplayer.  It’s a tablet-esque game formatted for the PS4, but with better graphics and, quite frankly, more fun. Published by Atlanta Internet Consulting, Inc. (dba Strange Games Studios).  Tina’s Toy Factory is a classic match-3 video game. Each successful 3-match rewards you with a piece of a toy part.  You then use these parts to assemble a larger piece, that that ultimately creates a complete toy.

The object of the game involves opening crates via matching three in a row; thus releasing toy parts.  You use revealed toy parts to complete said toy parts to complete the level, thus advancing to the next level. This is reminiscent of an older game, Columns, originally released on the Sega Game Gear, but with a unique twist that makes it much more interesting.  Those of us that are fans of Candty Crush Saga, will adore this game.

tina 2

There are three tools utilized along the way to aid you slingshot quest to clear the columns:

(1) The Paintbrush Tool:  Allows the color change of any crate.
(2) Shuffle Tool:  Reshuffle the voard, should you get stuck, or run out of moves.
(3) Crane Tool:  Swap crates–again, if you you should get stuck–you can always reset the board.

The controls are easy to get the hang of;  if you can control  Tetris or any columns style game, you’re golden.  Three buttons and you’ve achieved Tina’s Toy Box master gameplay.  The toggles and the X (or action button) which activates the tile-swapping , and the occasional gate or door that needs opening.

The graphics boast 1080p HD Video Output; far beyond that of of a tablet mini-game’s capabilities.  Tina’s Toy Factory is not only pretty, but stimulating; appealing to younger and older players alike. The game features 100 levels, local multiplayer, and intense matching action.  It’s reminiscent of a game you download on a tablet, but has the staying power which keeps you coming back for more.


In summation, I enjoyed this game and have no complaints, with the exception I that it wasn’t so similar to a tablet style game.  That being said, it’s a terrific time-killer.  I was so engrossed in the gameplay, I quickly found myself playing it into the the the wee hours of the morning.

Although I never finished the game; start to finish, my gameplay took me well into the wee hours of the morning.  Albeit not one of my favorite games, I will say it certainly kept my attention

If puzzles are your forte, I highly recommend, Tina’s Toy Box.  A puzzle-lover’s delight.

Tina's Toy Factory

Tina's Toy Factory

Overall Game Rating



  • Replayability
  • Can't put it down


  • A storyline would be beneficial
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