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Mmore Goatz Edition Xbox One and Xbox 360 Achievement Guides

With Goat Simulator: Mmore Goatz Edition now out for the Xbox One and Xbox 360, we decided to venture back to the wonderful world where the hoofed reign supreme to show you how to obtain a large chunk of the games Achievements.

Goat Simulator: Mmore Goatz Edition has a total of 30 Achievements worth 1000GS

Music Non Stop Jump on the launchpad 30GS 0:12
Voluntary QA Trash the server room 30GS 1:14
Jorgen Jörgen 15 GS 2:58
Not Again Get deviously trapped again 15GS 5:14
Boat Ride Enjoy your trip 15GS 8:42
Elfstreet Boys Baa with the choir 100GS 9:50
Butthurt Do a lot of hurt. With your butt 90GS 14:37
The Icelandic Experience It never erupts when you want it to 30GS 15:16
Excalitgoat Unlock the ExcaliGoat mutator 15GS 16:45
Gravity Goat Unlock the gravity goat mutator 90GS 19:13
Steal The Show Do a card trick at the magician 30GS 21:09

Mermaid Goat Unlock the mermaid mutator 15GS 0:07
Wheel Goat Unlock the wheel of time mutator 30GS 2:22
Masterchef Make the stew taste as good as HUMANLY possible 15GS 5:00
Big In Japan Beat the whiplash course without getting wet 30GS 6:23
Hang Tight Paraglide in the air for 1 minute 30GS 7:59 Gravity Mutator Required
Look At It Go! Hit 4 at once with a voodoo bomb 15GS 9:46 Voodoo Mutator Required
Goat From Above Hit 5 zombies in one bullet dive 30GS 10:30
Too Much Fun Kill 7 zombies with one minifun 30GS 13:36
Warm Bath Use the slippery slide to land in the kiddie pool 30GS 15:19 [This Achievement is currently glitched on the Xbox One]

Love or Hate? Find all the trophies on the MMO Level 15GS

There are 20 Golden Goats throughout the MMO Level the below video shows every single location.

The Goa’th amendment Craft all the weapons in one game 30GS 

Survivalist Craft all items in one game 15GS

Load up GoatZ After Outbreak, this is your basic survival mode. If you turn on the No Hunger and Normal Goat Mutators you cannot die, making these two Achievements very easy to obtain. If you also put on the Inventory Mutator before the game starts you can use X to lick the objects and then LB to place them inside your inventory, making life a lot easier and saving all the time it takes to drag each item around. It’s easy to go for both crafting Achievements in one go but they must be done in one game, if you only get just the weapons in one game unfortunately you will need to craft them again when going for Survivalist, because they are an item. You cannot die or quit out or you will void that particular Achievement.

There are 3 Crafting Garages located around the City, they are marked with a blue crafting symbol.

  1. Outside spawn
  2. To the right of the Studio
  3. To the left of the farm and directly to the right of the Greenhouse

If you approach the back wall of a garage and press Y a blueprint will appear on the screen showing all possible combinations for crafting. You will probably need the Gravity Mutator and Double Jump Mutator to reach some objects. Use X and bring the object back to a garage and place it on the mat on the floor, once all required objects for a craft are on the mat the crafted object will appear.

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