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The Vanishing of Ethan Carter 100% Completion Walkthrough

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter 100% Completion Walkthrough

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is a short walking simulator-meets-puzzle game developed by The Astronauts. Released in 2015 for PS4 and PC and landing on Xbox One today, the 2-3 hour long adventure experience tells the story of a young boy named Ethan and his family told from the perspective of Ethan, his family, friends and the man investigating Ethan’s disappearance in the picturesque open-world of Red Valley Creek.

In total, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter has 14 achievements that require the player to solve various puzzles pertaining to murders and deaths throughout the game along with some rather bizarre encounters.

Following our step-by-step walkthrough below will see you obtain all 14 achievements and that all-important 1000GS to improve your gamerscore. The guide also works well for both PS4 and PC if you want to earn yourself some extra trophies or achievements.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter basic controls

  • A, Y and X – perform various prompts such as inspect
  • B – Crouch
  • LT – Zoom
  • RT – Run
  • LS – Move
  • RS – Pan camera

The Tunnel and Traps

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter starts with the investigator walking through a train tunnel, uttering words about Ethan until he eventually comes to a stop directly outside of the tunnel. This is where you’ll not only gain control of the character but obtain the games first achievement – The Tunnel.

To obtain the achievement, simply turn around and face the dark tunnel with a light at the other end. Begin moving the character towards the light by either walking which will take some time or running by holding down RT and moving in a forward direction. Once you reach the light at the end of the tunnel you’ll find yourself back where you began and unlock The Tunnel achievement worth 60GS.

Having done this, proceed forward on the track until you reach an electrical pole on your left and a clearing in front of it. From here you need to locate 5 traps hidden amongst the environment which will net you the Sap achievement and another 60GS.

To do so, move forward to the powerline and make a left, continue on moving diagonally right and you’ll encounter the first trap buried in the ground. Walk up to it to trigger it and when prompted, press and hold A for a few seconds to open a memory fragment. From this location move forward a bit more and you’ll encounter the second trap which is a bear trap just past a tree, again press and hold A when prompted to trigger another memory fragment. From here, turn right back towards the railway track and walk across it to find the third trap in the corner on the left side, repeat the previous steps with the A button. Now walk back down the tracks to where you first started and you’ll come across the fourth trap off a little to the left that will swing out across your path from a tree, press and hold A for a few seconds. The fifth and final trap can be located by turning directly to your left from the fourth trap and walking up and over some rocks, then make an immediate right and walk forward to trigger the final trap.

Once all 5 traps have been discovered you’ll be taken through to an area where you’ll find a note lying at the foot of a tree. Simply pick up the note and accept it to trigger some narrative and afterwards, unlock the Sap achievement and 60GS.

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