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Until Dawn Collectible Guide

Until Dawn is an interactive survival horror video game developed by Supermassive Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 4. After originally being scheduled for the Playstation 3, the game was reintroduced as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Throughout Until Dawn there are a grand total of 107 Collectibles, which include 30 Totems and 77 Clues.

The clues within the game are divided into 3 different categories:
The Twins: 20 Clues
1952: 27 Clues
The Mystery Man: 30 Clues

The Totems are divided into 5 categories (6 pieces per category): Death, Guidance, Loss, Danger, Fortune.

Finding all of them will unlock 4 gold trophies:

You Opened Their Eyes [Gold]
The Fateful Descent [Gold]
The Tale of Two Sisters [Gold]
Night of the Totem Hunter [Gold]

Until Dawn

VERY IMPORTANT: Certain Story choices have an impact on Collectibles. If you make wrong choices you will miss some collectibles. Furthermore, you are not allowed to let Jess or Matt die, they are needed to get one of the totems in episode 10. Below is a list of decisions you have to make:

  • Episode 1: Do not shoot the Squirrel at the shooting range with Chris! If you do, Sam cannot escape the maniac in episode 5 and will miss the last mystery man collectibles in episode 7.
  • Episode 5: Sam needs to escape the maniac to find the collectibles in the maniac’s hideout at the start of episode 7. Hide with her in the elevator (see end of episode 5 collectible video).
  • Episode 7: At the very end of this episode you must choose to hide with Emily when the flamethrower guy chases you (don’t turn back).
  • Episode 10: Jess or Matt (or both) need to be alive to pick up one of the totems in the mines. To save Jess you must always use risky paths while chasing after her with Mike in episode 4. To save Matt you should not attack the deer and not help Emily (jump away from Emily) in episode 6.

You can pick up missing items via episode select after beating the story. Episode select can also be used to go back and change your decisions (e.g. to save characters from dying), but you will have to replay all episodes from that point on for the changes to take effect.

The Twins clues are required to make Josh survive in the end. Without them he will always die.

There’s also a collectible tracker in the main menu. Each collectible has its own number and name, so they are very easy to keep track of. Whenever you pick up an object your progress will be saved automatically.

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