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Red Dead Redemption Now Available On Xbox One, But What Of Rockstars Other Classics?

After months of speculation, an accidental launch, and a leak or two, Rockstar Games finally released 2010 classic western shooter Red Dead Redemption onto Xbox One’s Backwards Compatibility list today, a move that is proving to be very popular amongst fans of the game and no doubt the studios bank balance alike.

Allowing Red Dead Redemption to become available for current generation console owners proved to be not only a fantastic move by Rockstar Games but also a very smart one in a financial sense, in a month bereft of any major significant AAA titles. The introduction of one of the studios much-loved games saw a resurgence in sales (up 6000% on Amazon UK) with Red Dead Redemption now standing at No.1 and No.2 respectively on Amazon UK’s video game chart list. That reveal succeeded in thrusting protagonist John Marston and Red Dead Redemption firmly back into the spotlight, 6 years after its initial release.


With a flock of Rockstar Games classics being made available to PlayStation 4 users this year such as Max Payne, Grand Theft Trilogy, Manhunt and just this week The Warriors arriving on the PlayStation 4, it makes sense to continue to bring classic titles from Rockstar’s catalogue across to the Xbox One from the 360.

Prior to the announcement of its imminent arrival onto Xbox One, Red Dead Redemption had received 148,824 votes on Xbox’s Backwards Compatibility Forum, but what of Rockstar Games other classic titles from the Xbox 360 era, what game would most likely be next in line for a move over? should the studio choose to continue to release its games on the Xbox One.

As it currently stands, Grand Theft Auto IV would be the next likely candidate to make a move across consoles with 75,729 votes, while predecessor Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has 62,599 votes – having already made a console jump in 2014 from the original Xbox to Xbox 360. L.A Noire (37,539), Max Payne 3 (23,758) and Bully Scholarship Edition (21,495) make up the list and would also surely be in the running to make a switch.

gta iv

Developed by Rockstar North and released in 2008, Grand Theft Auto IV would no doubt prove to be a popular choice among fans of the series, while a move across to the Xbox One would make perfect sense all round. With its New York themed beautiful wide open world and loveable characters, a return for protagonist Niko Bellic would surely have a impact similar to that of Red Dead Redemption both with player appeal and sales alike, while San Andreas would also no doubt represent a good sales return for the studio after a Classic 360 version of the game released in retail stores shortly after its digital release in 2014. Were Rockstar to continue to build on the popularity of the Red Dead Redemption reveal than the two aforementioned games would be a safe bet, but there are other titles that should not merely be forgotten.

Team Bandai’s L.A Noire currently has a strong Metacritic score of 89% and like GTA: IV and San Andreas would be a great fit on the Xbox One with its neo-noir style detective features and open world Los Angeles not to mention its DLC, additionally May Payne 3 also faired well on the Xbox 360 after its release in 2012, receiving strong reviews across the board. If Rockstar were for some reason to not bring either Grand Theft Auto title across then the previously mentioned games would be welcome additions to the current crop of titles currently available on Xbox One.

la noire

Looking beyond the four classic games mentioned we have Bully Scholarship Edition, already available on PlayStation 4 after previous launches on PS2 and PS3. Bully offers a different kind of experience to the others but shouldn’t be quickly written off or dismissed despite its low votes. Having played as Jimmy Hopkins both on the Xbox 360 and later PlayStation 4, I found Rockstar Vancouver’s tale of one boy’s sole fight against the norm in a high school full of differing factions and fellow delinquents to be a thoroughly enjoyable experience, I mean, what’s not to like about giving students an unforgivable amount of wedgies or taking a trip to nearby Billy Crane’s Traveling Carnival to indulge in a spot of splish splash before egging unfortunate residents vehicles?. I would happily go through it all again on the Xbox One and I’m sure I wouldn’t be alone.

So what happens next? Well, if Rockstar Games do indeed decide to follow up on the success of Red Dead Redemption then they have a plethora of great titles readily at their disposable to tease gamers with.

Red Dead Redemption is now available via Backwards Compatibility on Xbox One for £8.74.

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